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Personal Info

It is the policy and practice of Correct-Tek Copier Service to use Cogeian Infotech, the reseller of Godaddy hosting Company, neither to divulge nor to share personal information gathered by Correct-Tek Copier Service thru the use of WooCommerce an on-line order process, except as is necessary to complete the order as described below.

Processing Info

At the conclusion of an order, Correct-Tek Copier Service thru the use of WooCommerce may transmit the shopper’s name, address, and credit card information to an on-line processing gateway that validates the information and credits the merchant’s account with the amount of the order. We only provide the information required to authorize the payment of the order.

Shipping Info

During the check out process or as part of the order fulfillment, Correct-Tek Copier Service thru the use of Paypal may transmit the shopper’s name and address to a shipping service such as FedEx or UPS as part of the shipping step. We only provide the information required to complete the transaction.

Cookies Info

The WooCommerce shopping cart uses “cookies” placed on the shopper’s computer to control the cart as items are selected and eventually ordered. The “cookie” also allows the shopper to return later to the website and continue shopping where they left off. Only the member account number and order identification are maintained. No personal information is gathered or transmitted.

Legal Info

If Godaddy were required by a court order or by law to provide personal information, we would provide the minimum information requested. If we suspect fraudulent transactions we may provide personal information to help

Correct-Tek Copier is a locally owned business specializing in the Service, Supplies, and Sales of new products that consist of office equipment of both analog and digital copiers. Including desktop size up to mid-range size equipment; either new or refurbished. Also most fax machines and laser printers in today’s marketplace. We have been in the business for over the past 30-years. Experienced in the sales and service of many office products.

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